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The below are tips drawn from regional and national contacts with regards to enhancing the sustainability of STEM outreach activities:

  • Support members of staff willing to undertake outreach through allowing them time to prepare and deliver their outreach work effectively
  • Provide any communication skills development or other training staff will need in order to achieve this
  • Coordinate with other STEM initiatives and HEIs to get effective coverage, identify gaps in provision and get help with the targeting of activities  
  • Promote the relevance, opportunities and usefulness of STEM subjects to society – for example, through university open days
  • When offering activities to students, for example within a HEI, consider whether you might be able to offer an activity for parents. This may be a presentation on STEM, its role within society or career opportunities
  • Ensure that materials provided to schools are easily replaceable once used up
  • Always welcome proactive school teachers who are interested in advising on development of curriculum or outreach events
  • Keep an eye-out on outreach grants from various funding agencies to enhance the sustainability of outreach activities
  • Provide schools / teachers with a list of possible sources of funding they can approach to fund their own activities
  • Once materials and resources have been developed they are very easy to use by a number of people. Trained postgraduates can often be used to deliver these events to free up staff time
  • Develop positive relationships with the STEM consultant(s) in your local authority