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Subject: Maths

The Institute of Maths and its Applications has produced a resource called ‘Maths in a Box’ that aims to encourage the uptake and further study of mathematics from Key Stage 3 up to Key Stage 5.

The box contains a collection of electronic and paper resources, including posters, DVDs, booklets containing careers profiles and even a book explaining the maths behind magic tricks! Materials have been tried and tested in schools across England and Wales and can be used right across the GCSE and A-level curricula.

The box prides itself in showing that maths can be used in a whole number of ways that school students may never have considered. For example, it shows how quadratic equations and probability are linked to football and how logarithms are used in analysis of earthquakes.

As well as Maths in a Box for schools and colleges, an HEI edition has also been produced that contains all the resources in the original box as well as an ‘Outreach to School Good Practice Guide’ and a research paper entitled ‘Maths at University’.

Target Audience

Key stages 3 – 5 (GCSE and A-level students).

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Download Maths in a Box for free.