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Subject: Physics

The Institute of Physics commissioned market research in order to understand better contemporary influences, perceptions and attitudes to physics amongst young adults and the factors which affect their decision to study physics at university. The research also looked at the positive image of physics that could be employed to appeal to a broader cross-section of potential students, without alienating the ‘core’ students.

Repackaging Physics offered guidance on how to encourage physics departments to reach a less traditional cohort by developing effective strategies of marketing physics through prospectuses, outreach material and online content. It covered:

  • Understanding the audience: tailoring messages to both the audience and the medium
  • Promoting not only what students should expect from a Physics degree but also the exciting careers to which physics can lead
  • Adopting an accessible writing style, design and layout and the use of appropriate motivational images

Target Audience

HEI’s Physics Departments.

Find Out More

A guide – ‘Repackaging Physics: Selling Physics to Students – Guidance on Marketing Physics Degrees in the 21st Century’ – can be downloaded for free.