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Subject: Pan-STEM

Planet SciCast is a short science film-making competition for schools. HEI staff can work with local schools and support teachers to encourage students to make films and enter the competition.

Students of all ages are challenged to make a film explaining a principle of physics that is scientifically correct, entertaining and less than 2.5 minutes long. Other STEM subject categories exist and have slightly different criteria (see for full details). Films submitted to the competition are uploaded to the website.

Most schools have the equipment needed to make films but many teachers lack confidence in using it. HEI staff or STEM ambassadors can help support them. HE staff can go out to schools or bring schools into the HEI and can deliver the activity over an intensive day or over a series of on-going visits over a term.

Target Audience

Secondary school students.

Find Out More

The Planet SciCast website contains full information about the competition as well as guidance on equipment, making short films and how to organise a film-making team.

The IoP is able to provide informal support and advice on Planet SciCast through Caitlin Watson.