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Subject: Chemistry

Chemistry: the Next Generation is a resource of some 16 outreach activities designed by the Royal Society of Chemistry for delivery in schools. Examples include:

  • Murder in the Lab: Students are presented with a scenario in which a murder has been discovered in a laboratory. They must use analytical techniques to carry out a forensic examination to determine the identity of the killer
  • Snap, Crackle and Snot: This event is composed of three short (20 minute) activities involving experiments and demonstrations that illustrate the unusual properties of some substances – hydrophobic solids, gels, liquid nitrogen, polymers etc
  • Colour Chemistry: Students investigate the properties of colour and use colour to demonstrate the affects of surface tension of liquids and redox reactions

Resource materials for each activity include full instructions and details on: target age group; duration of activity; suggested class size; number of supervisors and approximate cost. All activities are self-contained and have been fully evaluated to ensure their effectiveness; they are typically one-day, laboratory-based activities.

Target Audience

Activities benefit students from 5 – 18 years of age.

Find out more

All 16 resources are available online via the RSC website.