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Promoting employer engagement opportunities to employers

Lead Institution: University of Bath

This is a sub-project of Strengthening, extending and embedding employer engagement



This project aims to increase employer awareness of employer engagement (EE) opportunities available to them at undergraduate level and subsequently positively affect the number of employers engaged in EE at undergraduate level, giving students more exposure to employers and increasing their employability. 

Examples of EE include placements, employer-led projects, input into the curriculum to give 'real-world' examples of issues that employers face and any other opportunities where employers engage with the undergraduate curriculum.


  • Online and printed material describing relevant cases where the benefits to employers of employer engagement are identified
  • Promotional brochure targeting employers (hardcopy and pdf)
  • Placement video targeted at employers
  • Undergraduate project video targeted at employers
  • Description of recommended procedures to promote and support employer engagement (for staff CPD)

Staff involved

Graham Outram
Project lead, University of Bath