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The employer perspective on universities' promotion of opportunities to engage with the STEM UG curriculum

Lead Institution: Bournemouth University

This is a sub-project of Get STEM working: innovation with employer and student engagement


Project outputs are listed on the left of this page.


  • We have achieved a better understanding of perceived benefits and perceived barriers as expressed by employers. 
  • We have achieved a better understanding of the problems identified within an HEI in terms of the management of employer engagement.
  • We have endeavoured to nurture the relationships we developed with both existing and currently non engaged employers. 
  • We have recognised a desire for greater collaboration that has been expressed by participants in the study both within and outside of the HEI.

Staff involved

Christine Keenan
Project lead, Bournemouth University

Penny Mitchell
Project coordinator, Bournemouth University

Dr Xavier Velay
Bournemouth University