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Quantifying the benefits to collaborating companies of working with groups of students on UG projects

Lead Institution: University of Bath
Collaborating with: Bournemouth University

This is a sub-project of Get STEM working: innovation with employer and student engagement

What next?

It is hoped that this insight into the value of student projects to employers is shared and that others can use this information to develop their own media and processes.  Those people in particular who are involved in searching for employers with whom to collaborate should incorporate the key messages that employers need to understand (as outlined above) and that many leads could eventually be successfully converted but this involves considerable time and patient persistence.

This process will be adopted in the Faculty of Engineering and Design at the University of Bath.  Media is being changed to incorporate these messages and processes are being implemented to extend the list of employers interested in student collaboration

Staff involved

Graham Outram
Project lead, University of Bath

Christine Keenan
Bournemouth University

Penny Mitchell
Bournemouth University