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Better understanding drivers for employer engagement through an innovative approach to relationship management

Lead Institution: Petroc College

This is a sub-project of Progressing from labour market intelligence to HE level provision that is well supported by employers

Project Summary

This project was undertaken to allow staff within Petroc to develop a better understanding of the key drivers for effective employer engagement through an innovative approach to relationship management whilst sharing best practice ideas with colleagues in universities and colleges in the South West. It was a sub-project of the Marchmont Observatory-led project Progressing from labour market intelliegence to HE level provision that is well supported by employers.

Petroc Sites

Petroc Sites

Petroc has a dedicated team of staff (Directorate of Employers) responsible for the implementation and achievement of their employer engagement strategy, but one of the key objectives of this project was to share the practice of this team more effectively amongst other teams within the organisation to include those within the School of Business, Manufacturing and Transport. Higher Level Engineering courses are, in the main, facilitated by colleagues within this School. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To further develop the dedicated employer interface: CRM (Customer Relationship Management resource) so that the College's systems operations are flexible and responsive to the needs of business.
  • To use the CRM to review the extent of STEM industry employer engagement in terms of engineering.
  • To further develop a resource that will be of use to Petroc staff directly involved with employer engagement allowing them to identify current and future business needs of employers. The organisational needs analysis resource will allow the identification of employer training needs (Bespoke CPD identification) whilst allowing the development of business solution plans.
  • To develop a system of enrolment that is understood by all Petroc staff directly concerned with employer engagement
  • To develop a number of on line resources to enable staff to undertake CPD flexibly that addresses effective employer engagement including a CRM Guide, case studies of effective practice and organisations needs analysis documentation
  • To further develop the College’s virtual learning environment for each programme delivered so that employer learners have the opportunity to update their knowledge and skills through blended learning 

Staff involved

Cerian Ayres
Project lead, Petroc College