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CreativeSTEM - An Overview

As part of its collaborative project activity, the SW Spoke funded creative learning journeys (CLJs) for six of its projects. CLJs are a means to facilitate and capture the collaboration and learning processes between partners engaged in a project. In doing so, they recognise that learning is situational and that the process of working with partners is as valuable a learning experience as actual project deliverables. CLJs are therefore a means for project participants to capture shared experiences and to reflect on project development.

Each of the six projects' CLJs were created using photography, audio, video or blogs to produce mixed media, digital portfolios that captured learning. Each CLJ is made up of multiple media cards which can be embedded into other websites, social media, presentations etc. You can view the CLJs on the CreativeSTEM website, whilst examples of media cards from each project can be viewed through the menu on the left.

To get some ideas on how CLJs can be used with different audiences, a series of CLJ-based activities and resources are available to use freely.