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Employer engagement continuum model

Lead Institution: SW HE STEM
Collaborating with: University of Exeter, Bournemouth University

Customer Relationship Management Systems: Resources developed by other programmes

The Marchmont Observatory, who led the HE STEM Project Progressing from labour market intelligence to HE level provision that is well-supported by employers, have selected some key resources on the process of employer engagement from a range of other relevant funded programmes for inclusion on our website. These are resources that are likely to be of use to FE and HE practitioners who are involved in the process of employer engagement within their own institutions.

JISC: Business & Community Engagement Customer Relationship Management

As the HE STEM Programme finishes (July 2012), JISC is in the process of developing a website that aims to provide a host of resources, deliverables, comments and findings from their Relationship Management Programme. The plan is that it will act as a dynamic, "just enough" resource to start HE (Higher Education) and FE (Further Education) institutions off on improving and making their relationship management activities more effective.

The Business and Community Engagement CRM area of the website focuses on the management of relationships between tertiary education institutions and their external (business and community) customers rather than on students or suppliers.

Relationship management is becoming increasingly important as institutions try to meet the challenges of funding cuts and increased student and community expectations. Employers and other external customers may have the potential to help the sector navigate through these difficult times, however good customer relationship management is necessary to maintain and develop such relationships.  Effective CRM can tie together the strands of such activities and help institutions provide a professional and consistent approach.

The resources available via the website includes a Good Practice, Process Mapping and the CRM Self Analysis Framework developed by the University of Nottingham with JISC funding.

JISC: Service Design in Higher and Further Education

This guide is an introduction to service design and improvement methodology and its application in further and higher education.

Baranova,P. Morrison,S. and Mutton,J. (2010) 'Service Design in Higher and Further Education: A Briefiing Paper'. JISC CETIS

Staff involved

Chris Evans
University of Exeter

Christine Keenan
Bournemouth University

Dr Xavier Velay
Bournemouth University

Hilary Stevens
University of Exeter

Hilary Todd
University of Exeter

Penny Mitchell
Bournemouth University