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Enhancing Workplace Statistical Literacy

Lead Institution: Plymouth University
Collaborating with: Devon County Council

Transfer of practice to Coventry University

Due to the success of the Enhancing Statistical Literacy project, the Project Leader, Paul Hewson from Plymouth University, gained a small amount of additional funding via the National HE STEM Programme's Practice Transfer Adopters scheme to support the trialing of the course materials at other universities.

Coventry University

The Mathematical Scieneces Department at Coventry University submitted a successful application to "adopt" the good practice developed with the Enhancing Statistical Literacy project.

Coventry University organised a one-day statistical literacy course in May 2012 for eleven of their professional and academic staff which was deliverd by Paul Hewson. 

All the participants had an interest in working with data. Their interests included: student grades and attendance data, strengths of materials test results, alumni engagement and correspondence, cost benefit of events, student surveys, event surveys, comparison of 1st year achievements between A level and non A level entrants, accommodation room offers and applications, attendance monitoring for UKBA, cost benefit and survey data on open days.

The short evaluative reports below discuss the implementation of the course from both the "Adopter" perspective ie. Coventry University and the "Custodian" perspective ie. Plymouth University.

Plymouth Case Study Report

Coventry Case Study Report

Staff involved

Dr Paul Hewson
Project lead, Plymouth University

Jeremy Phillips
Devon County Council

Poppy Husband
Devon County Council