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Enhancing Workplace Statistical Literacy

Lead Institution: Plymouth University
Collaborating with: Devon County Council


1. A workbased statistical literacy course available for other universities and training providers comprising:

(a) online course material in

(i) a Moodle environment hosted on the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education website at: - please contact them if you would like a zip of the course.

(ii) a port of the materials to Peer 2 Peer University where they are freely available for all to use as is

(b) Trainer’s handbook and slides available at

2. A comparison of blended learning and entirely web-based approach to delivering this statistical literacy course in the workplace:  Hewson (2011/2012) “Workbased Statistical Literacy” MSOR Connections 12(1):19-20



Staff involved

Dr Paul Hewson
Project lead, Plymouth University

Jeremy Phillips
Devon County Council

Poppy Husband
Devon County Council