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Student-led Employability Audit Toolkit

Lead Institution: University of Exeter
Collaborating with: Teach First, Nationwide, JP Morgan, Centrax, Airbus, Microsoft, RBS, Devon Education Business Partnership

Project Outputs

The Student-led Employability Audit Toolkit project resulted in a range of outputs detailed below:

1. Advice on how to go about developing an employability audit based on the experience of the University of Exeter and relevant national reports, articles and weblinks

2. Relevant tools and case studies to support the conduction of an employability audit

3. Conference presentations capturing the progress of the employability audit at the University of Exeter

4. A complete employability audit toolkit that any institution can access and adapt should they wish to conduct such an audit of their own 

5. A creative learning journey (CLJ) - a mixed media digital portfolio capturing progress of the project at the University of Exeter through audio, photography and video means. A precis of the CLJ can be viewed here; the full journey is on the CreativeSTEM website

6. Adoption of the Student-led Employability Audit Toolkit project by five other universities - Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle College and UWE - resulting in audits of civil engineering, chemistry, maths, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering degrees 

7. A final report detailing the progress of the project, including challenges met and future sustainability

Staff involved

Dr Barrie Cooper
Project lead, University of Exeter

Abel Nyamapfene
University of Exeter

Amanda Arthur
University of Exeter

Amy Boylan
University of Exeter

Chloe Cunningham
University of Exeter

Dawn Evans
University of Exeter

Fiona Dyke
Teach First

Greg Craft

Holly Geipel
University of Exeter

James Baxani
Teach First

Jodie Sherman
JP Morgan

Julie Hawkings

Kathryn Edwards

Lee Stott

Mohit Malik

Paul Hartley
Devon Education Business Partnership

Richard Whinnett
University of Exeter

Rowanna Smith
University of Exeter