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Enhancing STEM Academics' Public Engagement Skills

Lead Institution: University of Bristol
Collaborating with: Graphic Science, Lighting Up Learning Ltd

Project Outputs

The Enhancing STEM Academics' Public Engagement Skills project resulted in a range of outputs detailed below:

1. Two seminars designed to up-skill STEM academics in public engagement

2. A Guide to Delivering Effective STEM Public Engagement

3. A range of outreach activities based on volcanoes and earthquakes for the following schools' audiences - key stage (1), key stage (2) and key stage (3)

4. A range of additional schools' outreach activities and case studies from seven universities across the country who, through the National HE STEM Programme's Practice Transfer Adopters' Scheme, received support to 'adopt' project activities and expertise into their own insititutions

5. A final report detailing the progress of the project, including challenges met and future sustainability

Staff involved

Ed Drewitt
Project lead, University of Bristol

Claire Dimond
Graphic Science

Nicholas Garrick
Lighting Up Learning Ltd