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The Hydrographic Academy CLJ

In The Hydrographic Academy project Plymouth University worked collaboratively with Fugro (the world’s largest supplier of geoscience, survey and geotechnical related services) and The Royal Navy to develop innovative, flexible, distance learning programmes that meet the needs of the workforce and industry.

Full undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are being developed which create a new route into the hydrographic surveying industry for school leavers and CPD for marine professionals.

In spring 2012, Fugro employees completed a 10-credit trial module and their feedback was used by the team at Plymouth to evaluate the course materials. These employees were working offshore all over the world and came from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. Each student was asked to complete video diaries to record their experiences of studying on The Hydrographic Academy trial module. Extracts from the video diaries can be found on the Creative STEM website and record the highs and lows of undertaking professional development via distance learning.

‘I have quite literally searched the world for an institution that offers this kind of tertiary education and from Australia to Europe I have been unsuccessful so thank you for your efforts! It's a huge step in the right direction!”  


The Hydrographic Academy

The Hydrographic Academy